Sheffield influencer develops capsule wardrobe of upcycling to fight fast fashion

A sustainability influencer who wants to combat fast fashion with alternative ways to stay on trend has created her own capsule wardrobe that can cost consumers next to nothing.

Monday, 31st January 2022, 3:45 pm
Updated Monday, 31st January 2022, 3:45 pm

Sustainability influencer Kavita Donkersley, 29, and from Sheffield, has teamed up with national dye brand DYLON Dyes, to create an upcycling guide to encourage consumers to make sustainable fashion choices.

DYLON’s Re-dye Don’t Re-buy campaign showcases designs created by Kavita which show how second hand clothing can be transformed into a like new piece using dyes.

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Kavita is a sustainability fashion influencer.

Kavita’s capsule collection includes party wear, loungewear, weekend style, and office attire, complete with a simple how-to guide, all published for free on the DYLON Dyes website.

Kavita said: “I love thrifting and sustainability and want to be able to reuse clothes. I go big, bright and colourful with my designs. Collaborating was an easy decision, I have used Dylon Dyes for so many years.

"I came up with all the ideas for the pieces, the items can easily be found in charity shops, there is a lot of denim jackets and jean. It gives an idea of what you can do with things that are from second hand shops or in your wardrobe already.

"I think for the environment one of the biggest polluters is fast fashion, and it is not ethical either. We have far too many clothes and new trends are coming much faster. There are too many clothes in charity shops to the point where they have to give some of them to landfill."

The designs encourage consumers to upcycle old clothes rather than buying brand new items.

With price of living set to increase, and as concern grows over the environmental impact of fast fashion (according to Greenpeace 300,000 tonnes of used clothes are burned or buried in the UK each year) upcycling offers a low budget, low carbon footprint way to stay in vogue.

Kavita added: “There used to be a huge stigma around thrifting, but younger people are making it cooler. It’s really important that people have the skills to repair and repurpose clothes themselves.

“Making the designs was really fun. I love sewing and dying and doing new things with clothes. The execution of the piece is always different to my idea on paper.

Kavita has made designs for every occasion, with loungewear, office attire, party wear and weekend styles.

All of Kavita’s Re-Dye Don’t Re-buy designs and guides can be found on DYLON Dyes website here: and Kavita’s Instagram handle is @shewearsfashion.

Kavita has teamed up with DYLON Dyes to produce a sustainable capsule wardrobe collection.