Sheffield cash giveaway: £2,000 art and cash to be handed out by Robin of Loxley on Christmas Eve

‘Robin of Loxley’ has planned a festive surprise for the city centre.

Friday, 24th December 2021, 1:12 pm

Mysterious Sheffield philanthropist ‘Robin of Loxley’ has announced that he will do a surprise giveaway in Sheffield city centre on Christmas Eve morning at 11am.

He has said that ‘Santa’ will be making an appearance at an unconfirmed location in the city centre, which will be announced on his Instagram and Facebook pages tomorrow.

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Robin has not announced where he will be at 11am tomorrow, other than to say the 'city centre'.

And Robin of Loxley – who has made a name for himself with his anonymous generous giveaways in the city in recent years – has said that he will be giving out £2,000 worth of ‘art and cash’ and ‘very merry Christmas crackers’.

In a tip-off to The Star, Robin added: “This is Santa's conclusion to his long journey to Sheffield on my Instagram and Facebook and tomorrow he will allow a select few a Christmas gift or two.“Hoping to make the happy shoppers of Sheffield even happier.”