Plan to build Yorkshire's tallest building in Sheffield backed

Plans to build Yorkshire’s tallest building in Sheffield city centre have got Star readers talking.

By Lee Peace
Wednesday, 30th October 2019, 2:53 pm

CODE Co-Living has unveiled plans for three buildings, one of 12 storeys, another of 16 storeys, and a 36-storey tower.

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At almost 117 metres tall, the main tower would be taller than a 114-metre student scheme currently under construction in Leeds, which is set to become the tallest in the region.

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An artists' impression of the building.

The building, located near the Vita building, just off Charter Row, would also be 16 metres taller than Sheffield’s current title holder St Paul's Tower.

Many readers have now taken to The Star’s Facebook page to express their views on the plans.

Nicholas Jackson believes it will be “good for the city and what it needs.”

He added: “We currently have a shortage of decent student accommodation and projects like this release shared housing up for families who are in need.”

City Growth.

Simon Barnes made the point that “new buildings like this can generate money for the city to grow.”

Sam Millington added that the development “looks impressive” and added: “Let’s hope it becomes a reality.”

Chris Wragg called for Sheffield residents to ge tbehind the project and “open your eyes and contribute to great developing city.”

James Smith added: “High rise living is on the rise in all major cities.”

Steve Eyles said it is important to “kest keep the student accommodation separate from private accommodation.”

Paul Adams struck a note of caution and said he “hopes they work it out properly” as “there are strange funneling effects in the area that can double or even triple wind speeds.”

The co-living development would include 1,370 private studio apartments for rent, available for both students and non-students.

Communal spaces would also be incorporated, including dining and café facilities, a gym, cinema room, private study spaces and a first floor roof terrace.

There would also be a 24-hour concierge on site.

The building would be operated on a build-to-rent basis, owned and operated by CODE.

The developer said 10 per cent of the apartments would be available for affordable housing.

Jamie Lewis, of CODE, said: “We have been looking for a site in Sheffield for several years.

“From the outside, it is clear that the city is going places with Heart of the City II and developments on The Moor transforming the city centre. We want to be a part of this.”

It is hoped that the planning application will be decided before Christmas.

If approved, Code hopes to be on site in spring 2020.

Mr Lewis added: “If approved, we won’t hang around. We are keen to get on site and deliver.”

The current tallest building in Yorkshire is Bridgewater Place in Leeds at 113 metres.

The Shard in London is the UK’s tallest building, standing at a whopping 310 metres.