Opinion: 'Hope that Andrew Gosden is safe' as police reveal arrests

I remember clearly where I was when I first heard Andrew Gosden had gone missing.

Tuesday, 11th January 2022, 4:39 pm

I was on holiday in the North East of England. I was at the Star’s Doncaster district office at the time, so it was an important story to me, covered by one of my colleagues.

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Andrew Gosden arrests: Two quizzed on suspicion of kidnap, human trafficking and...

It was clear that the police were concerned for Andrew, although at the time, I expected we would probably soon hear that he had been found safe and well, which thankfully is how most missing people cases that we cover end.

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Kevin Gosden, has campaigned for nearly 15 years for news of his missing son. Today police announced two arrests

But the appeals continued.

Andrew’s mum and dad made personal pleas through The Star for him to come home.

It soon became clear this was not just an ordinary missing person case, and as the years went by, I frequently called his dad, Kevin, for updates, as we tried to keep Andrew’s name in the public eye, keen to do anything we could do to help the quest for answers over what had happened to Andrew, or where he was.

Kevin has never given up on his son. Throughout the last 14 years he has campaigned to try to find out where he was. Every anniversary or birthday, he would speak to us. He has also taken support from St James church, near the town centre.

Andrew Gosden from Doncaster went missing 12 years ago. Andrew's dad Kevin is pictured is pictured in Andrew's bedroom at home. Picture: Chris Etchells

In the past he has told me he just wants to know what has happened to his son, whether that be good news or bad news.

The last time I spoke to Kevin, it was on the 13th anniversary of Andrew's disappearance. It was September 2020. Kevin told me it felt interminable, not to know where Andrew was for 13 years, but the family was still hearing from people saying they had seen someone they thought looked like him as an adult. He was pleased that it showed people were thinking about Andrew.

From old books to favourite T-shirts, Kevin kept Andrew’s room in familiar fashion as a pleasant reminder of the boy he used to be.

What police announced today does not provide all the answers that Andrew’s family want. My thoughts are today with Kevin and the family. My hopes and prayers are that Andrew is safe and this leads to a reunion.