Letter: Lots of reasons to visit Sheffield city centre

This letter was written by Amerjit Basi from Sheffield 6

I think we can all agree that town faces challenges but I'm rather surprised by anyone not being able to come up with even one reason to visit. I think if you asked readers for reasons they'd come with lots.

Here's some of mine:

- Galleries - from the Site to the Graves

The Showroom Cinema.

- Cinema - the wonderful Showroom, and the other choices we have eg Curzon, the Light, Odeon.

- Theatre - we are very lucky to have the quality of the Crucible and Lyceum, alongside others.

- Food - delectable Tamper, Marmadukes, Kommune and the food places in Orchard and Leopold Square.

- Architecture - just look up, and great gems still such as Wharncliffe Fireclay works on Divison Street.

- Shopping - still great to browse and buy books in Waterstones, Moor market, Atkinsons, and all the indy shops in Sheffield. I hope we can do much more to support all the independents as well as chains.

- Greenspaces - my favourite is Balm Green, but who doesn't feel joy being in the Winter Gardens or walking past the amazing Grey to Green space, when heading down to the Don and Quays.

I love Sheffield. We all play a part in making it a great city, and that does mean spending time in town (and money).