'Heartbroken' train worker's warning to pet owners after dog is killed on tracks near Sheffield

A ‘heartbroken’ train worker has issued a warning to pet owners after a dog was killed on the tracks near Sheffield.

By Robert Cumber
Thursday, 8th April 2021, 10:10 am

She described how she was working on a train yesterday, Wednesday, April 7, at about 4.30pm, when it hit a large German shepherd-type dog between Wombwell and Barnsley, which the driver said ‘came out of nowhere’.

Posting on the Lost and found pets all Sheffield areas Facebook group, saying she was ‘feeling heartbroken’, she wrote: “Tonight someone's fur baby won't be home and there's a grieving family, and upset train crew.

The dog was killed on the railway tracks between Wombwell and Barnsley

"Please remember trains cannot stop quickly or swerve, so if you are near the railway please keep your dogs on a lead… they only have to see a rabbit or a squirrel and they’re off."

Network Rail and the Dogs Trust charity has previously urged people to keep their dogs on leads near level crossings, following more than 180 near misses between dog walkers and trains, and five fatalities, in five years.