Food hygiene ratings for Sheffield’s West Street kebab and chicken shops – including Adnans and Pasam

If you’re heading out on the town this weekend, a greasy takeaway may well be on the cards. Here are the food hygiene ratings of 10 chicken and kebab shops on West Street.

For some, summer means one thing – alcohol, and alcohol means takeaways. Whether you’ve had a night out on the town, or a day in one of the city’s many fabulous beer gardens, for some the only way to finish the drinking shift is with fried chicken, a kebab, or cheesy chips.

If waking up with a hangover isn’t bad enough, you don’t want to chance also waking up with food poisoning after grabbing a takeaway with somewhere that hasn’t been found to have ‘very good’ food hygiene standards.

Fortunately, the Food Standards Agency, in partnership with Sheffield City Council, carries out inspections of all food premises to ensure that they are following correct hygiene practices. Every establishment is given a score with five being the highest, and zero being the lowest, indicating urgent improvement is required in at least one key area.

The food hygiene officer will look at three key categories – the hygienic handling of food; the cleanliness and condition of the facilities and building; and the system or checks in place to ensure that food sold or served is safe to eat.

We’ve taken a look at chicken and kebab shops on West Street and its adjoining roads to help you make the most informed decision you can, which may be hindered after a few too many drinks in the city. Here are 10 establishments and their recent food hygiene ratings from highest to lowest, according to latest data from FSA.