"Fill my car up with Diesel" - Readers discuss how they would spend the £184m EuroMillions jackpot

One lucky ticket-holder has won the £184m EuroMillions jackpot, becoming the UK’s biggest ever National Lottery winner.

Wednesday, 11th May 2022, 4:05 pm

Ahead of the massive lottery draw last night, we asked our readers what they would spend the money on if they won the prize.

Here are a selection of their responses:

Kicking off proceedings with that trademark Yorkshire humour, Matthew Parker said that he would, “Buy a couple of Conservative MPs and and get another £184million in fake PPE contracts.” Oh you… naughty.

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LONDON - JANUARY 27: Euromillions tickets are seen in a newsagents on January 27, 2005 in London, England. The european lottery has rolled over for several weeks and is now estimated to have a jackpot of Euro150m, the highest jackpot in the history of the Europe-wide draw. (Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

Mel Machin says that he would, “Give most away”, after all, money isn’t everything… right?

Ali Shah was channelling his inner-rage here with his response, “Buy Sheffield Wednesday football club and change its name to Sheffield Crapday.” It was a response that sparked agreement with some of our readers.

Changing the tone a little, Jim Evans says he would, “Probably have heart attack, lol.” It’s not a laughing matter that, Jim.

Continuing the theme, Kaan Collins says that he would also, “Probably have a heart attack and if I survive live a luxurious life.” But at least he saw the positive side of that, I guess.

Stephen Neale wittily responded with, “Pay my utility bills.”

And Paul Atkin followed on with, “Fill my car up with Diesel.”

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Meanwhile, Gary Beall is being firmly realistic in his outlook, “I would not know till I won it. I can dream”, yes you can dream Gary.

Lemmy Kenny Love on the otherhand chose violence, “Pay someone to shoot putin an his idiots.” Hmmm.

On the other hand, Graham Turnbull would use it to further his philanthropic endeavours, “Buy the star. Remove the adverts and the tracking.”

Steve Platts did not mince his words, he wrote that he would “Leave Sheffield and live somewhere decent, which isn’t a city going swiftly downhill, thanks to a council who are obsessed with building flats, closing roads and doing sod all that actually benefits the city.”

And Mary Johnson shared the painful realisation many of us feel after each jackpot draw, “Faint, never got more than 4 quid on it. lol.”

Many readers would go on to say how they would look after loved ones. Stace Marie says that she would, “See my family right and myself then just live a normal stress free life”, Jack Kirk responded saying, “you would live a normal life after winning 185m, why play?”. To which Stace replied, “cos it’d be nice to have no financial stress or worries.” Fair enough Stace, can’t knock it.

Sue Caryl Hughes says that she will, “Look after my family & friends x”, kiss right back at you Sue. Look after loved ones, always.

Luke Richards is a sharing, caring chap, he said that he’d “Tell Sheffield Star. Wouldn’t want them to miss out on a story.” Cheers pal.

And Dave St says that he would, “Give it away to people who need it more than me. Too much greed in the world of today!!!”

Carol Cba Douglas said, “I'd give most of it away, but all those others that are saying the same, i haven't won it yet so if you do, i'd not refuse a million or 2 lol.”

Over on Twitter, Alison Arrundale says that she would, “Give millions of it away to family, friends, charity and other causes dear to me. Then buy a nice house abroad, get a golden visa and have fun in the sun!”

Jo Le Taxi would, “Give most of it away. It’s a stupid amount of money for potentially one person.”

Michelle Crowther read the assignment, she says that she would, “Buy a lot of houses and rent them out cheap, the rental market at the moment is shocking. I'd also make a lot of family comfortable. Move house, something with land. We can all dream....until then I'll keep working.” Hopeful, caring, benevolent, yet realistic… bravo Michelle, class response.

One person who is certainly going to live the dream is Carol Burton Radford, who responded with a simple, “SPEND, SPEND, SPEND.”

What would you do with £184 million? One thing is for certain, somewhere out there is one very happy person.