“Don't complain about the council if you didn't vote” - readers share their thoughts on the local election results

Just last week the results from the local elections in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and nationwide were announced. After much deliberation, South Yorkshire welcomed Labour’s Oliver Coppard as the new South Yorkshire Mayor.

Tuesday, 10th May 2022, 2:58 pm

We asked our readers what they thought about the results of the local election, as well as asking them if they voted and if they didn’t why not?

Here are a selection of their comments on the topic:

Starting off with someone telling us exactly how they felt was Joeli Jacinta, who wrote, “All same fleas, different dog, 1 agenda so it's no from me.” Ouch.

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Counting for the South Yorkshire Mayoral Election takes place at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. 6th May 2022. Picture : Jonathan Gawthorpe

What followed was a clear indicator of many people’s views on the state of politics both regionally and nationally. Spoiler, it wasn’t great.

Beverley Noble added her views, “No point they don’t listen to the public and just do whatever they like all of them same.”

Adrian Adams followed up, saying, “It’s a shambles. All of them a set of liars. Tell you one thing and do another. I’m alright Jack.”

"Seeing as the candidate didn't think we were worth explaining his local policies too, I thought he wasn't worth the effort of voting”

Paula Lipscombe Scott says that she just “Didn’t see the point in voting they never do what they say they’re going to.”

A popular response came from Sally Fisher, who wrote “What’s the point. We never benefit. Waste of time.”

And there was a particularly dramatic response from David Fairey, who said that he had, “Spoiled my papers writing None Of The Above. The whole democratic shambles needs changing.”

Steven Ward said, “I voted! but they’re all bent!” I don’t think he’s a fan.

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Some people shared justification for their votine, case in point here being Mark Earl, who was at pains to point out that “Only the Greens could be bothered to leaflet around our way to tell us what their local policies were. I usually vote Labour but seeing as the candidate didn't think we were worth explaining his local policies to, I thought he wasn't worth the effort of voting.”

Jason Pladoh responding adding, “If Voting changed owt, It would be Abolished. Con: four years to do this. Lab: four years to Unpick it all. Repeat ad-infinitum.”

Sandra Allen admitted that she had, “Totally forgot. I would have voted for the green party if one stood or an independent if no green party.”

Meanwhile, Bill Stewardson pointed out that “There are no socialists to vote for.”

And, Imogen Anson asked, “How can you vote when they don't send any manifesto to you saying what their aim is?”

Loraine Ellis has an interesting approach to voting usually, “Normally do eeny meeny miny moe but this time just avoided putting my cross in the box with CON on it.”

Judith Toulson lamented the passing of proceedings, “Sadly couldn’t go and vote, due to an injury. Wouldn’t have voted Labour or Lib Dem. Amazed after a useless Labour mayor now we’ve got another one.”

Mel Machin replied saying that, “Sadly there is not a party that represents peoples views or even clmes close to actioning what they want. We currently have a Labour leader who is a Tony Blair wannabe. Who created a labour party which was Tories in disguise.. We than have a Prime Minister who has broken the law , mislead Parliament and tells lies. The Lib Dem are obsessed still with Brexit. What a sham.”

It was perhaps not totally unsurprising seeing a lot of people admitting to not voting.

Jo Jo on Facebook wrote, “First time I’ve ever not voted… realised too late to send postal in so chucked in bin… as someone else said no point if your a Tory voter anyway. Although in local I always go Lib to try my best to get rid of this Labour council in Sheffield. Not seen last weeks question time yet but heard Louise showed us up terribly…par for course.”

And, Stewart Lemons says that “It's about time any councillors or mp's are normal people from a normal background and not allowed to invest in any everyday living commodities and then I will take my time out to vote.”

As always some were clearly not happy with the results, Andrew Casson says, “Can’t believe labour stays in. Less than 20% of the city’s populous voted labour and it’s enough to keep them in, if Sheffield were a business, it would be bankrupted and closed.”

Frequent commentor Eugene Solomon kept it short and to the point, “Don't complain about the council if you didn't vote.”