Energy Price Rise: Money-saving advice from Sheffield expert as prices increase

With energy prices rising from today, Friday, April 1, experts have shared some money saving advice to help you save some money on your bills.

Friday, 1st April 2022, 5:58 pm
Updated Friday, 1st April 2022, 5:59 pm

Dr Robert Marchand, Director of Undergraduate Education at the University of Sheffield and Founder of the Fuel Poverty Research Network:

During the day, open all your curtains to use all the free heat you can, then at night close them all to act as another level of insulation and keep the warmth in the house.

Robert also suggests moving items such as your sofa and clothes away from your radiator so that the heat can more freely circulate around your home and you can make the most of your source of heat.

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Money saving advice amid energy price increase set for April 1.

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Research shows that turning down your thermostat by one degree celsius can cut your heating bill by 10 per cent, so keeping your thermostat at 18 degrees celsius – the recommended temperature from Public Health England – will help you save money.

Robert also suggests blocking out the draughts in your home. The Energy Saving Trust estimate that DIY draught-proofing doors, windows and floor cracks can save up to £25 per year. For very little cost, you can seal doors and windows in your house to keep the heat in and save more money on your heating bill.

He also suggests upgrading your boiler if it is more than 10 years old, as you could save up to £350 with a new A-rated-condensing boiler. These use less energy to produce more heat and thus save lots of money on your heating bill.

Money saving advice amid energy price increase set for April 1.

For more tips from Dr Rob Marchand, visit his website here.

Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at

Car insurance is one of the easier areas to save money. Looking around for different insurers when you are up for renewal may save you money as you may not be on the best deal possible.

Alex also suggests considering paying for your policy annually rather than monthly, as monthly payers normally end up paying interest on top.

Dr Robert Marchand, director of undergraduate education at University of Sheffield, and founder of the Fuel Poverty Research Network

Car maintenance costs usually add up to around £424 a year, but Alex says this will be more if you don’t look after your car. If your car is due for MOT, ensure you prepare your car properly to ensure of no failings. Essential checks include working lights, tyre pressure and tread depth, working brakes, horn and steering, no damage to wiper blades, and ensuring all your car’s documentation is correct and matched.

On MOTs, Alex Kindred said: “Getting your car serviced before it's MOT will ensure that your car is road safe and you're not driving illegally. If you do need repairs, don't be afraid to ask around for different quotes from reputable garages, as you might be able to save money here too.”

With fuel expenses being the main topic right now, and many drivers reducing how much they drive to save money, Alex also shares some tips on how to save money whilst you drive:

- Remove excess weight from your car, such as unneeded items in the boot

- Inflate your tyres to the correct pressure

- Avoid your engine being idle, turn off your engine then restart when you begin moving.

More advice and tips from Alex and the team can be found on their website.