'Community is so important in lockdown,' says winner of Spirit of Barnsley award - 'Lockdown Conversations'

On today’s ‘Lockdown Conversations’ podcast, Charlotte Williams chats to us about how she kept community spirit going in lockdown – resulting in her being chosen for a Spirit of Barnsley award.

Wednesday, 11th November 2020, 12:08 pm

Our podcast will be running every day throughout lockdown, keeping you company, keeping you connected, and sharing your lockdown experiences.

Host Nik Farah will be inviting a different local voice to take a seat on the virtual couch every day – talking about Covid-19’s impact on your jobs, mental health, relationships, and life-changing events.

We’ve chatted to actor Lee Semley about keeping theatre alive, journalist Danielle Andrews about giving alcohol the heave-ho, Ruth Garbutt – mum of Captain Tobias Weller – about their incredible lockdown challenge, Jane Alflat about her untraditional 2020 wedding, new mum Ellen Beardmore about lockdown maternity leave, and Jonathan Lee about writing a book in six weeks.

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Charlotte Williams, winner of Spirit of Barnsley award for her community contribution during the pandemic

Listen to our full chat with Charlotte above.

Do you have a lockdown experience you’d like to share? Email [email protected]