Business owner wants action taken against ‘illegal’ skips on industrial road in Sheffield

A waste management company, which is alleged to be operating 'illegally' on a Sheffield road and causing pollution in the area, is now under investigation.

Friday, 29th April 2022, 10:30 am

M White Skips has been operating a waste management service on Worthing Road in Attercliffe, but faces strong objection from local business owners.

According to one business owner, who requested anonymity, skips have been left on the side of the road for over a decade, resulting in debris overspilling and attracting rats.

She said despite complaints made to the Environment Agency and relevant authorities, 'nothing has been done' to address the matter.

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The waste management firm has been allegedly operating without permit on Worthing Road, Sheffield

She said: “It's basically a landfill without any permit. They are parking their skips over the land on Worthing Road up to 15 at a time.”

She said all she is ever told when she complains to the authorities is there is ‘an ongoing investigation’.

“But it's been over 10 years and nothing has changed at all,” she said.

“They can't do anything because they haven't got a permit. It's madness.

Environment Agency said the activities have caused pollution in the area

“We emailed them once a fortnight and we got the same response, which says that investigation is ongoing. Nothing concrete at all.

“As for us, we have a permit for our premises and we operate within that permit. It's frustrating that the business operates as they see fit with no penalties whatsoever.”

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‘A serious matter’

The skips on Worthing Road, Sheffield

She said the skips are also bringing rats to the area.

The Environment Agency, when contacted, said it is investigating activities involving the management of waste and litter pollution in the area.

A spokesperson said: “We can confirm we are investigating activities involving the management of waste and litter pollution in the Attercliffe area of Sheffield.

Pollution of this nature is a serious matter and can be distressing for those affected. Our officers are conducting a thorough investigation and working towards a resolution with local partners.

Other business owners in the area have complained about the skips in the past.

“Anyone who sees or suspects illegal waste activity in the area should report it to our incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.”

M White Skips has been contacted for comment by The Star but is yet to respond to enquiries about the situation.