Bad Boy Chiller Crew: Boy, 8, in tears after being removed from front of Sheffield concert as band came on

A dad who took his young son to see a concert in Sheffield says their experience was ruined when they were removed from the front row the second the performance started.

Wednesday, 11th May 2022, 1:30 pm

Ben Mullins bought his eight-year-old son, Finley, VIP tickets to see the Bad Boy Chiller Crew at Sheffield’s O2 Academy for Christmas, and the pair were really looking forward to seeing the act together at the venue on April 26.

Their VIP tickets meant they went to the front of the queue, and they arrived hours early so they could be the first in and take position at the front of the crowd.

“We got to the front and I said: ‘Are we okay being here’ to the staff, and they said it was fine as long as I didn’t put him on my shoulders or pick him up,” Ben said.

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Ben (left) says he and Finley got to the venue hours before they needed to in order to be able to get a place at the front of Sheffield's O2 Academy

Ben and Finley remained at the front for the next few hours, as the O2 Academy filled up to capacity, and at 7.30pm the support act came on.

“Everyone was dancing and the security didn’t say anything to us,” said Ben.

But everything changed when Bad Boy Chiller Crew came on, says Ben, adding that he and Finley were asked to leave the front the second the group came on.

“We were told we had to move and go to the back. I said: ‘How can you say that, we’ve been here for hours and no-one’s said a thing’. My son was crying, but they still said you’ll have to go to the back,” he said.

Eight-year-old Finley was left in tears after he and his dad, Ben, were removed from the front as soon as Bad Boy Chiller Crew came on stage

Ben says the venue was at full capacity at this point, and they found it difficult to make their way through the crowd, because everyone was fixated on watching Bad Boy Chiller Crew.

The pair eventually made their way through the crowd, and went up to the balcony; but it was also full there, so they were still unable to see anything.

Ben said: “If we had been told we will have to move because of production needs or whatever earlier, or there was something on the ticket about not being able to go to the front, then we would have gone on to the balcony. We were the first in so we would have been at the front, and there wouldn’t have been a problem. I don’t understand why it wasn’t an issue during the warm-up act but it became a problem the second Bad Boy Chiller Crew came on.”

Staff did eventually give Finley a spot in between the stage and the barrier, but because Ben was not given permission to join him there, Finley became distressed when he lost sight of his dad, began to cry and said he wanted to go home.

Ben says he and Finley did not get to see any of the concert due to all of the disruption, and it completely ruined their experience.

"We came from Hull, and I took a day off work to come, and Finley didn’t even get to enjoy it,” he added.

He also claims that the meet-and-greet with Bad Boy Chiller Crew before the concert was a disappointment because they only got to see them for 20 seconds and did not get a chance to talk to them.

Sheffield O2 Academy and Bad Boy Chiller Crew have both been contacted for comment.