Amazing stone-carved tribute to NHS in Sheffield is mysteriously moved

A stunning stone-carved tribute to the NHS in Sheffield, created at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, has been controversially moved.

Friday, 25th September 2020, 12:19 pm

The loveheart sculpture had appeared overnight at Holme Lane Community Garden, Hillsborough, in May, when it became the latest in a series of similar artworks made and placed anonymously in a show of gratitude to the health workers battling Covid-19.

It appeared to be a popular addition at the time, though it was not universally welcomed, with reports of one disgruntled local threatening to ‘smash it into pieces’.

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This NHS sculpture where it originally appeared at Holme Lane Community Garden in Hillsborough, Sheffield

Now it has been moved just as mysteriously as it arrived, with reports of three men being seen lugging the sculpture away from the garden to its new resting place beside the road on Thursday, September 24.

One person, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “The stone was not moved by the council and this has been done by presumably a few very heartless people.

“No one knows who it is but a lot of people are really upset considering we are about to have a second spike.

The NHS sculpture's new location on Holme Lane in Hillsborough, Sheffield, after being moved on Thursday, September 24

“I think they have done this so the council will be forced to take it away.”

It is understood the sculpture was slightly damaged during the move, which comes just weeks after a letter was placed on it, complaining about its ‘aesthetics’ and siting.

The letter stated: “There is in our opinion a much safer practical location for this memorial stone which doesn’t get in the way of the maintenance of the borders and is safer to passing members of the public.”

The letter concluded by asking whoever had placed the stone to speak to the volunteers maintaining the borders so a ‘more sensible positioning of this memorial can be achieved’.

The sculpture is one of several which were created by the artist known only as Wood Nymph and were placed to coincide with the weekly Clap For Our Carers round of applause taking place at the time. Others appered in Worrall, on Loxley Village Green and outside Stannington Park.

The Star has contacted Sheffield Council to ask whether it has received any reports about the sculpture, either before or after it was moved.