Adorable Christmas video stars cats and dogs from Rain Rescue charity in South Yorkshire singing famous carol

Cats and dogs from South Yorkshire’s Rain Rescue charity star in this adorable video made as a thank you to everyone who has helped them.

By Lisa Wong
Wednesday, 8th December 2021, 9:00 am

The Virtual Make Believe choir represents approximately 400 dogs and cats whose lives have been saved or transformed this year by Rain Rescue and its supporters.

The pandemic has been a challenge for the Rotherham-based animal charity, like others, but it has managed to survive due to the generosity of people who have donated money, food and blankets to ensure the animals could still be cared for.

Pat Davey, voluntary press relations officer at Rain Rescue, said: “It’s a nice way of saying thank you for supporting us - getting out the message in an unusual way. Although we had Covid and all that it entails, animal centres like a lot of places have carried on.”

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Some of the Rain Rescue residents.

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She explained how staff and volunteers had to be reduced and one of the hardest challenges was when fundraising stopped.

Pat added: “We didn’t think we would survive.”

Despite this, supporters ‘turned up trumps’, as she put it, and ‘kept us going’.

Rain Rescue and other animal centres have seen a large number of cats, particularly black cats, waiting to be re-homed.

She said: “We’re still trying to build back up but we’re in a strong position now.”

As has been reported, the easing of lockdown has seen a large number of animals being abandoned, which is a worsening problem at Rain Rescue and other animal centres.

Pat explained that many people were buying dogs on the internet in lockdown and as they returned to work, this resulted in dogs being left alone, which can result in behavioural problems.

People have been urged to think carefully before they buy a dog as many bought in lockdown have been abandoned.

She said: “Think about it from an animal's point of view - it’s not the animal at fault.”

Pat added: “If you know that you're all going to be out of the house, don’t get a dog. It’s not fair and leads to all kinds of problems.”

She highlighted that not all dogs can be helped despite intervention.

Another problem that Rain Rescue has been facing recently is the number of cats, particularly black cats, waiting to be re-homed.

Pat told how other centres were having the same issue but does not know why black cats appear to be getting ignored.

For more about Rain Rescue and how to show your support, click here.