This gorgeous boy is approximately 20 months old and is such a sweetheart. He was found with his brother Bono. He is good with other dogs and very friendly with people. Can you see this beautiful boy as part of your family? Is Max just the dog you’ve been searching for? Home Check and Adoption Fees apply.

Adoptapaws dog rescue Sheffield: 13 dogs rescued from Eastern Europe looking for a new home in the UK

These are some of the adorable dogs which have been rescued from Eastern Europe and are now desperate for a loving home in Sheffield.

By Robert Cumber
Wednesday, 27th April 2022, 11:58 am

They have all been saved by Sheffield-based Adoptapaws dog rescue, a non-profit organisation which predominantly helps pooches who have been neglected and abandoned in Bosnia, and tries to find them a place to live in the UK.

Vicki Baker told how the group was founded some eight years ago by Debbie Fryer, a veterinary nurse who went on to run pet shops in Sheffield. She said it originally rescued mostly dogs in Romania but now the majority of those it helps are from Bosnia.

“We’re a nation of dog-lovers but that’s not the case in Bosnia, where too many people think of dogs as no better than rats really,” said Vicki.

“A lot of people there think nothing of getting a cute puppy and four months down the line kicking it out onto the street.

“Stray dogs in Bosnia are basically just taken into public shelters and left to starve to death.

“Unfortunately our rescuers can’t help all of them but we also do a lot of work trying to educate people about caring for dogs properly, and we feed them and ensure as many as possible are neutered to reduce the number of stray puppies on the streets.”

Vicki added that food shortages caused by the Ukraine war are exacerbating the problem, as some dog owners are forced to choose between feeding themselves and their pets.

Adoptapaws works closely with the For The Love Of Sretna Sapa Dogs group of rescuers, who are based in the Balkans.

Anyone interested in adopting must undergo a home check to ensure they would provide a suitable environment for that dog.

If approved, they are then supported through the adoption process, the dog will travel to the UK and, after completing its time in quarantine, will be transported to its ‘forever home’.

The cost of adoption is £550, which covers all expenses, including transport, quarantine, health checks and vaccinations.

“Other dog rescue organisations have blanket rules about who can adopt, which rules many people out, but we don’t,” said Vicki.

“We judge everyone on an individual case-by-case basis, as we believe there’s a dog for everyone. It’s about finding the right dog for the right situation.”

Vicki says Adoptapaws, which is entirely volunteer-run, has helped to rehouse well over 1,000 dogs.

Although most of its volunteers are based in South Yorkshire, people anywhere in the UK can apply to adopt one of its dogs.

Below are some of Adoptapaws’ dogs which are currently looking for a new home.

For more information and to apply to adopt one of the dogs, visit:

You can also check out the group’s Facebook page at:

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