Johnny Depp: Shock appearance as Hollywood star Johnny Depp performs alongside Jeff Beck at Sheffield City Hall

Last night, for one night only, Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp chose to make a completely unannounced appearance at Sheffield’s City Hall.

Monday, 30th May 2022, 5:30 pm

It turns out that he wasn’t there as a stage invader, he was merely joining his ‘musical soulmate’ and frequent collaborator Jeff Beck. Johnny Depp sang on Isolation, a cover of a John Lennon song previously covered and released by the duo back in 2020. But yes, it is a real thing, Johnny Depp actually turned up completely unnanounced during a gig last night.

To say the audience were in shock was one thing, immediately upon appearing onstage smartphones were whipped out with the fervour and determination of a western. John Wayne eat your heart out for we had Captain Jack Sparrow or the artist formerly known as Gellert Grindelwald, doing his musical bidding for the completely unprepared audience.

Welcome to Sheffield, the yearningly metropolitan (and may I say considerably ‘green’), city that enthrals and entices the stars.

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Hollywood actor Johnny Depp stunned the audience at Sheffield City Hall on Sunday, May 29, when he made a surprise appearance on stage at a show by guitar hero Jeff Beck.

I would like to imagine that the reaction to Johnny Depp’s onstage amble to be that of an inert reflex, a contemporary primal instinct of sorts, as each cavorting - or head nodding - concert-goer attempted to both dance and capture this moment inside their phones internals for reflection on another occasion — like when they’re bored at a family function.

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Johnny Depp: Surprise appearance by troubled Hollywood star at Sheffield City Ha...

Regardless of what is going on in life of a certain Mr Depp right now, we won’t dwell too long on the particular elephant in the room, which just so happens to be the biggest trial in the world that isn’t related to the Wagatha Christie trial. You may have (Amber) Heard about it.

While people wondered about all manner of things, like why was he in Sheffield, where was he staying, who’s looking after the dogs? And so on. I’m far more intrigued to know whether Mr Depp managed to find the time to surreptitiously enjoy some bits of Sheffield and did he bring a pack up? It would be quite nice if he did (to the first part, we’ve plenty of nice food that’ll do him).

After all, it weren’t so long ago that we had he of both Top Gun and Mission Impossible 7 fame - to name but a few films - Tom Cruise, popping up across Yorkshire and the Peak District. After launching a train off a cliff, as you do. It was equally an exciting time then as well, plenty of coverage didn’t break the veneer of the Yorkshire attitude to these things.

Tom Cruise lobs trains locally and Johnny Depp turns up at gigs unannounced. So very random, so very Sheffield

I know some people aren’t particularly interested in what celebrities or the ‘famous’ are up to, less so when it happens in their hometown. But you can’t deny it’s a good thing to know that despite our own thoughts, Sheffield still appeals to so many who we wouldn’t otherwise think would care to come here.

Well, we’ve certainly got something that the stars like, whether it’s Johnny Depp strumming a guitar down at t’City Hall, Dan Walker in a curry house, Richard Hawley sauntering past to a pub or even Tom Cruise planning some elaborate stunt, Sheffield seems to be a city brimming with stars and it seems that it’s the ideal bolthole after such an intense few weeks for some.