Hedging our bets

I TOTALLY agree with 'a very concerned Chapel Road resident' re speeding on Chapel Road, letters September 7.

Years ago, with the help of the late David Chadwick and Ecclesfield police, I obtained over 500 signatures in a petition from residents in this area to stop speeding. Nothing was done apart from school warning signs being erected at a later date.

Having moved since living on Chapel Road, I now live down Cypress Gate and turning right in a vehicle onto Chapel Road is an accident waiting to happen - speeding motorists and a bad bend - a more than dangerous situation. Also, at the top left hand side of approaching the junction of Cypress Gate-Chapel Road, is a very tall hedge, making it impossible to see any vehicles turning down our road and often vehicles parked at the top, another hazard for us to cope with.

I know the height of hedges was brought down between gardens etc but surely the same applies for the safety of road users.

June Levai, Chapeltown, Sheffield S35