Sheffield Elections 2022: My first ever election experience!

Today, people around Sheffield are casting their votes for the elections, with some people voting for the first time and some being experienced voters – and this is my experience.

Thursday, 5th May 2022, 6:20 pm

Today, was my first-ever poll – quite daunting to say the least!

My local polling station was St Cuthbert’s Church Community Room polling station, on Barnsley Road Entrance in Sheffield.

When I arrived at the venue, everything seemed quite nerve-racking with the staff asking for your details, and giving them your poll card.

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I was guided through the process by the staff at the polling station

Soon after being given the poll card, two ballot papers are handed back with the candidates’ names for the Sheffield Council elections and the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority shown.

It was an anxious moment taking the ballots to a voting booth and drawing a cross in the boxes of the chosen candidates as it was my first ever election experience.

The staff were very helpful with all the questions I had to ask about the voting process and were on hand to guide me to the right place.

And to my surprise, it is accepted to take someone with you to help you with the voting process!

My experience is voting has been one-in-a-million and I am looking forward to do it again.

So If you haven’t voted already, all polling stations will be open for voting from 7am until 10pm today!

Every person registered to vote can find out where their polling station is by reading their poll card or checking the council’s interactive map online here:

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