FROM THE EDITOR: Why it is nice to have a buzz back on our high street

Let me level with you. The first thought on my mind when I woke up yesterday was not to rush into town and be the first in line for the shops reopening.

Tuesday, 16th June 2020, 12:12 pm

In fact, I didn’t think anybody would have thought that.

Oh, how wrong I was as the photos of long queues showed.

Clearly there are thousands of Sheffielders who have been desperate to get back into the shops and did so as soon as they were allowed.

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Thousands of shoppers descended on Sheffield city centre on Monday as non-essential shops and stores re-opened after three months of lockdown. Picture: Chris Etchells

While that might not be my cup of tea, it is so important that we get our city centre back to normal as soon as we can, while socially distancing, taking great care and always remembering there are thousands of us still shielding at home.

We want a buzzing high street, at the right price.

My shopping habits have changed during lockdown and I hope that I manage to sustain that when we return to some kind of normality.

I now get my milk delivered by a milkman.

It reminds me of when I was a child, supports a local business and delights my own kids.

I should have done that earlier.

I make more of an effort to use my neighbourhood shops for fruit and vegetables.

It doesn’t cost much more than even the cheapest supermarkets and when you add in the fact that the quality is far higher, it probably saves money.

As my daughter said, you often have to throw some away because they’re bad when you’ve unwrapped supermarket fruit from its unnecessary plastic packaging.

Again, it shouldn’t have taken a pandemic to make that change.

Best of all, one of the highlights of my weeks is now getting a weekly shop from Food Works.

They are a social enterprise collecting food destined for landfill and making it available to Sheffielders.

It is quite incredible the things which my family has eaten … just to save them from the dump.

This week our favourites were a tin of biscuits and a box of chocolates – the expensive kind that you only eat as a treat at Christmas - but we also had lots of fruit and vegetables, chicken, cheese, crisps, cereal.

None are out of date and some don’t expire until 2021.

It is disgusting that supermarkets throw this stuff away but amazing that this little charity can turn it around – with our support – and feed hungry Sheffielders.

They need help and I love what I get back.

The most delicious way to help others.