Father's disgust at Sheffield Children's Hospital deemed '˜too busy' to treat toddler son

A father has hit out at Sheffield Children's Hospital for sending his toddler son home with a gaping head wound because it was too busy.

Thursday, 8th November 2018, 5:46 am
Updated Thursday, 8th November 2018, 5:54 am
Monty Anwyl

A father has hit out at Sheffield Children's Hospital for sending his toddler son home with a gaping head wound because it was '˜too busy'.

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Monty Anwyl's gaping wound

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Monty Anwyl, aged 22 months and from Curbar in the Hope Valley, suffered the deep gash above his eyebrow on Tuesday after banging his head on a windowsill at home.

He was taken to Chesterfield Royal Hospital initially but was referred to Sheffield Children's Hospital for a paediatric surgeon to operate on the following day because the hospital was too busy on Tuesday.

Monty Anwyl was sent home from hospital with a gaping head wound

His parents took the toddler for his appointment the next day '“ yesterday '“ but Monty was sent home at noon, claiming staff were not expecting Monty and were too busy again to treat the youngster.

He was told to return today but with no guarantee that anyone will be free to operate.

Monty's father, Joe Anwyl, 42, said that, at best, if his son is operated on today, the youngster will have waited 36 hours for treatment.

He plans to write to his MP to raise his concerns about the state of the NHS.

Monty Anwyl was sent home with a dressing over his gaping wound

He said: 'Chesterfield Royal Infirmary referred Monty to Sheffield Children's Hospital because a paediatric surgeon is needed sedate him and stitch the wound but we were told that Sheffield was too busy that day and to attend the following day.

'But after spending a number of hours there yesterday we were told they were far too busy to operate and he was sent home again and told to come back today with no guarantee that he will be seen then either.

'He was sent home with a temporary dressing applied by a non-clinical manager with a wound that I am exceptionally worried about in term of the risk of infection and scarring.'

He added: 'What has happened to our country and NHS when a young child with a head wound cannot get the treatment he needs?

'We could have flown to France, Germany or even America for treatment quicker than this.'

Mr Anwyl, a father-of-three, said: 'Is it right that in 21st century Britain a child has to wait, at best, 36 hours to be treated?  It is a total and utter disgrace.

'I am perplexed as to what has happened to our country.'

Sheffield Children's Hospital said the cut on Monty's head was assessed, cleaned and steri-stripped at the Royal Chesterfield Hospital and he was referred to Sheffield Children's Hospital's '˜emergency and urgent trauma list,' where patients are prioritised based on the urgency of their surgery.

He was assessed and rated as low priority because '˜no harm would result from not receiving surgery that day'.

Sally Shearer, Director of Nursing and Quality at Sheffield Children's Hospital, said: "We have reassured the family that Monty will be having his surgery in the next couple of days, which is safe and appropriate for him.

'Our priority is always to provide the safest treatment in the shortest time for all the children in our care as we understand this is a worrying time for families."