Doncaster Rovers: Thailand tour hinges on football benefits

Gavin Baldwin (centre), pictured at Meet The Owners.Gavin Baldwin (centre), pictured at Meet The Owners.
Gavin Baldwin (centre), pictured at Meet The Owners.
Doncaster Rovers will only take a pre-season tour to Thailand this summer if it will be beneficial to the first team, according to chief executive Gavin Baldwin.

Rovers are examining the possibility of spending time in Thailand in pre-season as a result of their on-going relationship with kit manufacturers FBT.

But Baldwin insists football matters will ultimately decide if the tour goes ahead rather than commercial factors.

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“We’ve got a package available for fans, a package available for the team,” Baldwin told the Free Press.

“What we’ve got to convince ourselves is that it’s not a quick win financially that scuppers the season next year.

“Say the players were to get back from the trip jet-lagged, they’re tired, it takes them a couple of weeks to get over it and they start the season poorly – no tour is worth that no matter how much it brings in.

“That’s the conversations myself, Darren Ferguson and the board are having at the moment.

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“The commercial side of it is insignificant if it hurts our preparations for next season.

“We will be hoping to make that decision clear to supporters as soon as possible.”

The prospect of such a tour was first raised last year when Rovers entered into an agreement with Thai firm FBT to manufacture kits and equipment for Rovers and the Dons.