Weapons seized and ‘drugs houses’ shut down after Sheffield police raids near Exeter Drive, Broomhall

Weapons were seized and a suspect jumped from an upstairs window to flee police, as a major operation shut two drugs houses down.

Saturday, 12th February 2022, 12:20 pm

Officers from Sheffield North West neighbourhood policing team carried out the raids this week on and around Exeter Drive, Broomhall.

Police from the Broomhall team, who led the action, described it as enforcement against two properties on the Exeter Estate, which they said were known to be involved in drugs misuse and supply.

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Police putting up closure notices on flats after raids in Broomhall, Sheffield

Officers from the team applied emergency police closure powers to tackle one address, known to be used for drugs misuse.

The application was later granted at Sheffield Magistrates Court, now preventing anyone from going inside the property for three months.

The next day, the Broomhall team officers led a raid at a second nearby address, also suspected to be linked to the first, and also believed to be involved in drugs misuse and supply.

Sgt Adam Wood said police forced entry into the property and arrested four suspects found within. A further fifth suspect was arrested after jumping out of a first floor window and trying to escape.

Police putting up a closure notice on a flat after raids in Broomhall, Sheffield, following police raids

He said: “The team recovered a quantity of suspect Class A and Class B controlled drugs, along with a large quantity of cash, and further prohibited swords and knives.

“Emergency police closure powers were once again utilised to tackle the second address, which was also granted, and similarly prevents persons from entering."

Meanwhile, there are plans to increase the police presence on the estate.

Officers are planning to move into a nearby property, which will be used as a local drop-in for residents.

Police putting up a closure notice on a flat in Broomhall, Sheffield, following police raids