Two men arrested for driving offences in Sheffield

A man has been arrested for driving offences in a Sheffield suburb after claiming he possessed a ‘learner’s licence’.

Saturday, 8th May 2021, 5:18 pm

South Yorkshire Police’s Burngreave Neighbourhood Team said the man was stopped by officers due to his manner of driving and further checks on his vehicle revealed he had no insurance to drive it.

When asked if he had a licence permitting him to drive the vehicle unsupervised, he replied, “Yes, I have a learner’s licence.

The team said: “After some stringent checks it was discovered such licences don't exist, and the vehicle was taken from the roads and loaded onto our recovery agents truck, with a one way ticket to the compound.”

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Burngreave Neighbourhood Team

In a separate incident, another male was arrested after he was seen acting suspiciously on Clun street.

The police said the man was found to be in possession of large quantities of money and had no plausible explanation for this.

The man had also been driving a vehicle without a licence and subsequently arrested.

Burngreave Neighbourhood Team