Stolen cars and parts found by police in Sheffield 'chop shop'

Stolen cars and parts were found by police in a ‘chop shop’ in Sheffield.

Thursday, 29th July 2021, 9:50 am

The discovery was made on Tuesday, with police photographs showing a number of dismantled vehicles and racking filled with parts.

Two arrests were made following the discovery of the illegal activity.

South Yorkshire Police said: “More great work by our traffic officers yesterday led us to this vehicle chop shop.

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Police discovered a 'chop shop' in Sheffield, where stolen vehicles are dismantled for parts

“Numerous stolen vehicle parts recovered and two persons arrested – one of whom thought it would be a good idea to hide in a fridge.”

In March, police officers in Sheffield found more stolen vehicles as well as drugs and cash hidden in a lock-up in Sheffield.

Six vehicles were seized when officers forced their way into an industrial lock-up in the Wicker Arches railway viaduct in Sheffield.

The raid was planned in a crackdown on organised crime, with the vehicles all believed to have been stolen in the north of England.

Stolen vehicle parts found by South Yorkshire Police officers in Sheffield
A number of stolen vehicles and parts were found in a 'chop shop' in Sheffield
An investigation is under way into the discovery of a 'chop shop' in Sheffield, where stolen vehicles are dismantled for parts