Shocking video shows ‘machete’ being pulled on night teenager is arrested over weapon in Sheffield park

A shocking video has circulated online showing a boy wielding a machete outside Endcliffe Park.

Yesterday evening (July 24), a video was shared on social media in which a youth in a grey tracksuit appears to be wielding a machete outside Endcliffe Park, by Hunters Bar roundabout.

A fight breaks out and appears to be broken up when somebody pulls out a machete and swings the weapon at people.

People can be heard screaming and the video ends with the person with the weapon starting to walk away.

A man appears to wield a machete near Endcliffe Park in a shocking video taken by local musician DanimaL, who was jogging at the time.

Meanwhile, also on July 24, a 16-year-old from Sheffield was arrested on suspicion of possessing of an offensive weapon and remains in police custody.

Police have not confirmed that the 16-year-old they arrested is the person shown in the video, nor that the incidents are related.

This incident is also separate to the stabbing at Endcliffe Park on the same day, where a 15-year-old boy was hospitalised with minor injuries.

A 19-year-old man from Bradford has been arrested in relation to that incident.

The video showed a person wielding a machete on the pavement near Hunters Bar roundabout and Endcliffe Park yesterday.

South Yorkshire Police has said that it is stepping up its presence in and around Endcliffe Park.

A spokesperson for the force said that police are aware of the video and investigations into the incidents are ongoing.

District Commander for Sheffield Chief Supt Stuart Barton added: “Endcliffe Park is a public space, which residents of all ages expect to be able to enjoy in a safe and peaceful manner.

“Officers will continue to patrol the area over the weekend to provide reassurance to people out enjoying the park.”