Sheffield murder accused claims he did not realise Danny Irons had been stabbed

One of two Sheffield cousins accused of murder after a confrontation in a park says he did not realise Danny Irons had been stabbed.

By Jon Cooper
Tuesday, 7th December 2021, 5:20 pm

A Doncaster Crown Court trial has heard how Ross Turton and Danny Chadwick have been accused of murdering father-of-three Daniel Irons, also known as Danny, after he collapsed and died of a stab wound on Fretson Green, in Woodthorpe, Sheffield, following a confrontation at a park.

Simon Kealey QC, prosecuting, claimed the defendants had been armed with a knife when they went looking for 32-year-old Mr Irons because they allegedly believed he was going to burgle a house containing a cannabis crop on Fretson Road South.

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Two Sheffield men deny murdering father-of-three Danny Irons in Woodthorpe after...

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Pictured is deceased father-of-three Daniel Irons, also known as Danny Irons, who lived between homes in Hackenthorpe, Sheffield, and Rotherham, and sadly died aged 32 after he suffered a fatal stab wound to his chest before collapsing on Fretson Green, at Woodthorpe, Sheffield.

Mr Kealey said Mr Turton allegedly stabbed Mr Irons before chasing his friend Peter Taylor, and as Mr Irons fled with a fatal wound he was pursued by Mr Chadwick until he collapsed on Fretson Green.

Danny Chadwick told the jury on December 7: “From chasing him he dropped and fell to the floor. I was shocked. I thought it was a trip and he fell over and I did not think anything of it at that time.”

He said he had originally joined Mr Turton to check on the cannabis crop after Mr Turton had received phone alerts about a disturbance.

Pictured are floral tributes to deceased stabbing victim Danny Irons who collapsed and died at Fretson Green, in Woodthorpe, Sheffield.

Mr Chadwick claimed they then saw Daniel Irons and Peter Taylor with a spanner in the park.

He also claimed Daniel Irons had lunged at Ross and grabbed him as Peter Taylor ran off and then Mr Chadwick admitted running after Mr Irons.

Mr Chadwick said: “As soon as that incident happened. It was a scuffle that lasted no longer than three to five seconds. It was so quick.

“I saw Ross backing off a quick scuffle like. Almost avoiding being grabbed.

“Instincts - seeing someone attack my cousin - I chased him - Danny Irons. He ran through the park and jumped over a fence.”

He added: “I tried to intervene. I chased him away basically. I was not intending anything. I just wanted to chase him away.”

Mr Chadwick said he saw Mr Irons fall but claimed he had “absolutely not” been aware he had been stabbed.

He added: “I did not expect him to trip. I was even shocked that he tripped and I just left him.”

Mr Chadwick said he later met Mr Turton at the back of his home.

He added: “Ross, I could see, was panicking at that time and he turned around and said ‘I think I have stabbed him’.”

Mr Chadwick said Mr Turton pulled a knife out of his pocket which had been taken from Mr Chadwick’s home.

He added: “I have seen blood on the knife and I am not good with blood anyway and it turned my stomach.

“Obviously, I realised at that time that was the reason why he collapsed and I felt really sick.”

Mr Chadwick admitted they discarded the knife in a canal.

He added he had no involvement in the cannabis crop which he claimed Mr Turton had been overseeing for someone else.

Ross Turton, aged 30, of Danewood Avenue, Woodthorpe, and Danny Chadwick, aged 30, of Melville Drive, Woodthorpe, have both pleaded not guilty to the murder of Daniel Irons around midnight between April 16 and April 17.

The trial continues.