Sheffield knife crime: Seven criminals who were jailed in 2022 for stabbings

Today, we publish a picture gallery of criminals who were jailed in 2022 for knife attacks

Police carried out prosections this year as their crackdown on knife crime across Sheffield continued. In total, sentences amounting to over 100 years were handed out by courts in the city, for offences ranging from wounding to murders.

The seven people featured in this picture gallery were all jailed by the courts during 2022. Some offenders admitted to their crimes, while others were found guilty after a trial.

The gallery lists the sentences and those who were convicted.

Ministry of Justice figures show 475 knife and offensive weapon offenders were cautioned or convicted in South Yorkshire in the year to March with 140 (29 per cent) resulting in custody. However, this was up from 27 per cent in 2020-21, but down from 38 per cent in 2019-20.