Sheffield Black Lives Matter campaigners speak out after Neo-Nazi group send death threats under ‘BLM’ name

Black Lives Matter campaigners in Sheffield have spoken out after a Neo-Nazi group took over the ‘BLM’ name and sent out racist letters threatening murder and extreme violence.

Saturday, 27th June 2020, 3:08 pm
Updated Saturday, 27th June 2020, 3:09 pm
Sheffield BLM campaigners have spoken out over hateful letters sent by a Neo-Nazi group

Five letters, featuring swastikas and illustrations of a lynching and a murdered man with an axe in his back, were received at post offices in Lancashire from a racist group calling themselves the British Liberation Militia on June 24.

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The hateful letters demanded the county’s BAME communities “go back to your land immediately, fast with urgency or else” and threaten extreme violence, including murder and burning down people's homes and businesses.

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Posting on Facebook, the ‘Black Lives Matter Sheffield: Solutions Discussions’ group condemned the actions.

They said: “Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, a group of people have been posting vile letters and leaflets in the community. They are taking the blm name and using it for hate filled propaganda.

“This is the type of mindset and behaviour that will set us back decades, it has to be called out and put right. It’s not enough to be not racist anymore, you got to be anti-racist.

“Thankfully in Sheffield, we have began to build something that is positive, that has included everyone and has slowly, but surely created great change for everyone in our city, we are moving towards success.

“But unfortunately we still have ways to go, the black lives matter movement must not stop and this is just one of the reasons why. Especially when lives are being threatened with bullets, we have to stand together to make sure our streets and children are safe.”

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