'Policing has never been as dangerous': South Yorkshire police officer raises concerns

South Yorkshire’s Police Federation claims policing has ‘never been as dangerous’.

Friday, 4th September 2020, 10:13 am

The body, which represents the interests of rank and file officers, spoke out as the findings of a safety review of policing were published.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council review recommends a new offence for those who deliberately use, threaten or attempt to use a vehicle to target a police employee.

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South Yorkshire Police Federation chairman Steve Kent. Picture Scott Merrylees

It also suggests making tasers and spit guards more widely available for officers.

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Statistics show there were 30,679 assaults on police officers in England and Wales last year – 84 a day.

Steve Kent, chairman of the South Yorkshire Police Federation, said: “We have and do see people willing to assault officers sometimes in frankly horrific ways. The consequences of such actions need to be severe to send that message out once and for all that you will lose your liberty for a long time if you carry out these acts.

“Make no mistake, recent tragic events and from what I see and hear on a daily basis have shown that policing has never been as dangerous in modern times as it is now.

“The recommendations are now out there. They need to be adopted as soon as possible and with respect to the hard line stance on investigating assaults on police officers and staff, I am pleased that our leadership team passionately agree on that point so we have momentum that we need to build on to get these people put behind bars and send out that vital message of deterrence.”

Ché Donald, national vice chairman of the Police Federation, said: “Along with the majority of the public, the federation is appalled by the atrocious levels of violence colleagues have faced recently and has been demanding action. That’s why we welcomed this review and want to see its finding make a real difference.

“All too often my colleagues are not treated as victims when they are assaulted, leaving them feeling failed by supervisors and the criminal justice system.”

“It is only right officers have the very best equipment, training and support for the dangerous job they do.”

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