'Parents must take responsibility over crime in Sheffield suburb'

Litter on the streets of SharrowLitter on the streets of Sharrow
Litter on the streets of Sharrow
Parents must take more responsibility for the rising tide of crime in a Sheffield neighbourhood, it has been claimed.

A group called Mums United has called for CCTV cameras to be installed in Sharrow to tackle drug-dealing, anti-social behaviour and violent crime blighting the suburb.

The group’s founder Sahira Irshad also said too many parents are allowing their children to ‘run riot' in what she claimed was a ‘great area’ being spoilt by a minority of youths who ‘think they are above the law’.

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Readers praised her for having the courage to speak out, with some backing the call for CCTV but many saying parents must take more responsibility for what their children get up to there.

Richard Goddard-Scanlon wrote: “If you do not sort out the lazy parents, it is going to spread. It starts at home and parents need to stop giving excuses.”

George Eller commented: “Put the blame where it belongs at the parents. Kids are out after dark as young as six, and no morals or respect are taught to them at a young age.

“Too many parents blame schools, the police or the council, when in reality they are at fault.”

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Brian Fletcher said: “If parents disciplined their kids like they used to, we might not have so many of the little brats running around.”

Kevin Doo wrote: “From the full report, it seems like some youngsters are causing the problem, so how will CCTV help if the parents of the few youths are in control?”

Dawn Atkinson commented: “It’s beyond belief. If ya make a mess ya clean it up! Like mi mum used to tell us all.”

Julie Elliott said: “It’s the kids making the damage and rubbish. Parents need to know where their kids are, and to care.”

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Kathleen Hassanali wrote: “It was never like that… we used to go to Mount Pleasant every night. It was good. Kids used to go and do various things. I can’t understand why it stopped being a youth club at night.”

Chris Dungworth said ‘they should have cameras on every street corner’, while Michael Denton called for ‘more police on the street’.

Mark Maloney said of Ms Irshad: “She is a very brave woman. She deserves respect and listening to. I take my hat off to her. Well done.”