Over 60 people stopped and searched by new violent crime task force in Sheffield

Over 60 people have been stopped and searched on the streets of Sheffield by a new violent crime task force operating in the city.

By Claire Lewis
Wednesday, 26 June, 2019, 11:29
Some members of the violent crime task force

During a three day operation, 12 arrests were made and a number of vehicles were searched.

Using £2.58 million of Home Office funding, the team will run operations over the next 12 months in crime ‘hotspots’.

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The aim is to reduce violent crime and disrupt the work of organised criminals.

After last weekend’s operation last weekend, Zain Darwish, aged 19, of Hallyburton Road, Arbourthorne, was charged with theft and possession of cannabis.

He has been bailed and is due at Sheffield Crown Court on July 22.