Off road bike that nearly knocked over dog walker on Sheffield estate today seized by police

Police patrolling a Sheffield estate have seized a nuisance off-road motorbike, reported to have nearly knocked over a dog walker.

By David Kessen
Thursday, 15th July 2021, 6:15 pm

Neigbourhoods officers from South Yorkshire Police seized the bike earlier today after being approached by members of the public who said they had already almost been struck by it.

A spokesman for the Page Hall neighbourhood policing team said officers had been out on foot patrols outside the shops on Page Hall Road, speaking with members of the community.

The said that as they concluded their patrols, two of their PCs saw a green, illegal off-road bike being ridden at speed along Page Hall Road.

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Police seized this illegal motorbike in Page Hall, Sheffield

They added: “We were, shortly after, approached by a member of the public who told us that it had nearly knocked them and another dog walker over in Firth Park.

“With a combination of luck and bobbies' instinct, the offending bike was swiftly located and seized under the Police Reform Act on Vivian Road.

"Riding unregistered bikes and scooters on roads and pavements causes real upset and disruption to residents in the area, as well as extreme danger to the riders and other road users.

Neighbourhood officers say they have now seized 15 vehicles during July, as well as issuing 37 traffic offences reports issued and processing 18 offenders.

Police on patrol in Page Hall today

Officers today also revealed they had stopped a motorist who had been driving a new Skoda with no insurance.

They added the six points he would receive from that offence would lead to a driving ban.