'Injection spikings' Sheffield: Calls for staff in pubs and clubs to search everyone on entry

Staff working on the doors in pubs and clubs in Sheffield are being urged to search everyone on entry following a spate of injection spiking.

Wednesday, 3rd November 2021, 12:11 pm

There were three incidents officially reported in the city over the weekend but reports on social media suggest there were more in the city and elsewhere in South Yorkshire.

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'Injection spikings' Sheffield: Women taken to hospital after incidents at Eyre ...

South Yorkshire Police has chosen not to name the venues where the incidents in Sheffield were reported but said two occurred in a club on Eyre Street and one in a club on Carver Street.

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Calls have been made for more to be done to tackle injection spiking in Sheffield

Two 18-year-old women and one aged 19 were all hospitalised, with one of the victims still in hospital yesterday.

South Yorkshire Police said officers are ‘working closely with local pubs, bars and clubs’ to ensure security measures are in place to prevent injection spiking.

Detective Chief Inspector Benjamin Wood said: “Incidents of spiking are being reported across the whole country at the moment and I understand how worrying these reports may be to you here in South Yorkshire.

“Everyone should be able to enjoy our night-time economy without the fear of being harmed.

“Please know that we are thoroughly investigating each and every incident reported to us.”

He said police patrols have been stepped up but there are calls for more to be done.

Posting on Facebook, Helen Cee said: “Door staff with hand metal detectors, that would pick up hypodermics hidden.”

Elena Boulton added: “What the hell are patrols going to do? Make sure everyone that enters a bar, club, pub, whatever, is thoroughly searched. No matter what.”

Gina Russell said: “This needs tackling fast or it’s going to end with someone dying.”

Jillian Fenlon suggested clubs need to do more.

“What are the clubs doing about this? Threaten them with closure and they’ll soon step up searches and surveillance,” she said.

One woman posted: “This is just crazy, my husband was spiked a few week ago and he ended up in hospital he was totally unresponsive- speech, body, everything!

“My husband is 6ft and heavy built and all I could think was he can’t respond to anything so what if that was a young girl or young lad, they would have no chance against anyone that wanted to harm to them.”