Driver ‘treated Sheffield road as personal race track while carrying friend's child’

A driver was stopped by police after allegedly treating a Sheffield road as a ‘personal race track’, while carrying a friend’s child.

By Robert Cumber
Monday, 24 June, 2019, 17:39

South Yorkshire Police’s Operational Support team said the driver was stopped today and the vehicle was seized.

Posting on Facebook, it said: “If you want to treat the road as your personal race track and drive in a manner that falls below that of a careful and competent driver (other descriptions are available and possibly more appropriate), there is every chance that you'll come to the attention of your friendly roads policing officer.

Police in Sheffield said the car was seized after the driver was caught treating the roads like a 'personal race track'

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“If you drive like that and don't check the shiny things on the side of your car to see your friendly roads policing officer following directly behind you, then you might be surprised when the siren starts screaming at you.

“And if you drive like that to impress your friends whilst transporting another friend's child, you'll find that your friendly roads policing officer might not be all that friendly.

“Vehicle seized and driver reported. We wonder if the magistrate will want to watch the video?”