Cleaver-wielding husband jailed after attacking wife at their Sheffield home

A cleaver-wielding husband has been put behind bars after his wife suffered a head wound, a broken nose and injured fingers during a terrifying and vicious attack.

Monday, 18th October 2021, 9:21 am

Sheffield Crown Court heard on October 15 how Graham Pearson, aged 64, of Wybourn House Road, near Park Hill, Sheffield, launched such a prolonged and sustained attack upon his wife at their home that she has been left physically and emotionally traumatised.

Judge Sarah Wright said Pearson headbutted his wife, struck her to the head with a meat cleaver and threatened to kill her during the terrifying attack.

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Graham Pearson was jailed for attacking his wife with a meat cleaver

She added: “This was a grave injury that has caused a substantial impact on her ability to carry out her everday life.”

Judge Wright told Pearson: “You armed yourself with what was potentially a lethal weapon and used it on your defenceless wife.

“Women need to know that violence of this nature will not be tolerated by the courts and they will be protected and those who perpetrate such violence will be severely punished.”

Judge Wright also told Pearson: “You threatened to kill her during this violent incident. You told a police officer you could kill your wife.

Sheffield Crown Court, pictured, has heard how a cleaver-wielding husband has been jailed after he attacked his wife and left her with head wounds, a broken nose and injured fingers.

“As you assaulted your wife you threatened to kill her and intended her to believe you would carry that threat out.”

Pearson only stopped the attack after he had caused serious harm, according to Judge Wright, and his wife became “apologetic” towards him to placate him and to stop any further onslaught.

The defendant, who has previous convictions including stabbing a former partner and assaults on females, was found guilty after a trial of causing wounding with intent and to making threats to kill following the incident at the couple’s home on Wybourn House Road, on February 6.

His wife stated that she feels she has wasted 17 years of her life after staying with Pearson and she has been left suffering with headaches. It is painful when she brushes her hair and she needs to take pain killers.

She added that she also has to be careful around her broken nose and she has suffered damage to her hands where the cleaver had cut into her fingers.

Pearson’s wife, who has also been left struggling to sleep, said: “These things have made my life like hell”.

She added: “Every time I think of him I feel physically sick.”

James Gould, defending, said the risk Pearson presents to others will diminish over time given that he is aged in his 60s.

Judge Wright said the injuries were serious but not life threatening but she pointed out that the victim was attacked in her own home and she has suffered trauma and psychological harm, panic attacks and anxiety.

She added: “This was a highly dangerous weapon. It was brand new, very sharp and very heavy. It was a meat cleaver. This was a prolonged and sustained attack.”

Judge Wright said a substantial custodial sentence would be necessary to further protect members of the public.

She sentenced Pearson to 10 years of custody and imposed a five-year custodial extension on his licence period to help monitor him following his release.

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