Car driven wrong way along dual carriageway during police chase in Sheffield

A car was driven the wrong way along a dual carriageway during a police chase in Sheffield.

Armed police and specialist roads policing officers were involved in a pursuit when the driver of a Ford Fiesta failed to pull over when signalled to do so on the Manor estate on Sunday.

During the chase, the Fiesta was driven the wrong way alone Prince of Wales Road, with South Yorkshire Police describing the manoeuvre as ‘frankly stupid’.

Four arrests were made after a police chase on the Manor estate in Sheffield

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The force said the lives of ‘innocent members of the public’ were put ‘at risk’.

A police car was forced to deliberately crash into the Fiesta to bring the vehicle to a halt.

A police car was damaged during a pursuit in Sheffield

Four occupants of the Fiesta were arrested and later charged with a number of offences, which have not yet been disclosed.

South Yorkshire Police said when the vehicle was searched, a number of weapons, including knives, were found.

The Fiesta was also found to be stolen and on false number plates.

In a statement, South Yorkshire Police said: “The Fiesta took a quite frankly stupid turn and went to go the wrong way up Prince of Wales Road towards oncoming traffic - putting not only the lives of the occupants at the Fiesta at risk but also innocent members of the public.

“One of our traffic officers coming down the road had no option but to make contact with the vehicle in order to disable it and prevent this pursuit from continuing.

“The contact was successful and all four occupants of the vehicle were swiftly detained and in handcuffs.

“The vehicle turned out to be a stolen one from the Sheffield area on false plates. Within the vehicle were numerous weapons including knives. “The vehicle was also suspected to have been involved in an attempted theft on the Manor estate just prior to the pursuit commencing.

“Thanks to some excellent detective work by our CID colleagues the occupants have been charged with a whole host of offences and will all be attending court in due course.

“A great example of teamwork between firearms officers, roads policing and detectives.”