The streets were lined for the funeral of Willy Collins, the King of Sheffield.

City comes to standstill for traveller funeral of 'King of Sheffield' PICTURE GALLERY

Sheffield came to a standstill this morning for the lavish funeral of a man dubbed ‘The King of Sheffield.’

By Darren Burke
Saturday, 15th August 2020, 4:19 pm

Former bare knuckle boxer Willy Collins, 49, was laid to rest in an elaborate traveller funeral that attracted hundreds of mourners and included a gold casket topped with a crown, 40 Rolls Royce cars, bikers, Irish flags, a huge American truck, smoke bombs and plumed horses.

Mr Collins, who died suddenly in Spain last month, took one final tour of the streets of Darnall and Pitsmoor in a white carriage, pulled by six horses bedecked with feathers before being laid to rest in a 22 carat gold plated coffin at Shiregreen Cemetery in a tiled plot lined with images of the Last Supper.

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