Anti-social behaviour down 95 per cent on Sheffield estate thanks to ‘good old fashioned’ policing

Anti-social behaviour on a Sheffield estate is down 95 per cent down thanks to ‘bobbies on the beat using good old fashioned police tactics,’ it is claimed.

By Claire Lewis
Friday, 25 January, 2019, 08:20

South Yorkshire Police said a period of ‘targeted, proactive work’ in the Edge Well area of Fox Hill over recent months has led to a 95 per cent reduction in reports of anti-social behaviour since a peak in August.

Ant-social behaviour is down by 95 per cent in the Edge Well area of the Fox Hill estate in Sheffield

Over the summer there were 28 reports made in July and 35 in August.

Apart from a slight increase in October, the number of reports has gradually dropped and so far this month there have only been two incidents of anti-social behaviour reported to the police. 

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In a statement the North East Sheffield neighbourhood policing team said: “The specific area of the estate in recent years has been blighted by crime and anti-social behaviour, however following extensive work over the last couple of months the number of incidents have plummeted to an all time low in December and January.

“As a problem solving team, we are delighted to see such reductions and have tried where we can to put our bobbies on the beat using old fashioned police tactics that have clearly worked.

"We have only been able to achieve this through working alongside you as a community and having regular and open dialogue, sharing information and building trust along the way.

“Thank you to everyone who has assisted us during this period.”