We tried the new Chicken Big Mac at McDonald's in Sheffield – here’s what we thought

The Chicken Big Mac has been launched in McDonald's UK restaurants today – but how does it compare with the classic version.

By Kian Rains
Wednesday, 2nd February 2022, 4:25 pm

Mcdonald’s has rolled out the limited edition chicken version of its famous Big Mac today on Wednesday, February 2, and it is here until March 15.

The fast-food giant has replaced its signature beef patties with two crispy chicken fillets (similar to a chicken nugget) that are sandwiched between three toasted buns with a slice of cheese, lettuce, pickles and the legendary Big Mac sauce.

You can get your hands on one for £4.09 or £5.99 for the medium meal, which comes with fries and a drink.

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The Chicken Big Mac has landed at Mcdonald's stores in the UK

It is 50p more expensive than a classic Big Mac, but prices vary between branches.

The Chicken Big Mac also has more calories at 544kcal compared to a Big Mac with 508kcal.

Here's what we thought:

Sheffield Star lifestyle reporter Kian Rains said: “I’m a classic Big Mac lover, but I was pleasantly surprised by this chicken version – it certainly tastes a lot better than it looks.

“The combination of chicken, big mac sauce and cheese works extremely well. It also appears to be more filling than the usual Big Mac.

“However, I did notice that it had less sauce than usual, and for me, that was a disappointment.

“Taking everything into account from the taste, texture and presentation, it is a great addition to the menu, and I’d possibly order again, although I think the classic Big Mac just edges it.”

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