New sushi venue where you can see food being prepared before your eyes opens in Sheffield

Asda customers in Sheffield can now enjoy freshly handmade sushi being made as they watch from Sushi Daily, which has opened in the Handsworth Road store today (July 7).

By Julia Armstrong
Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 12:12 pm
Updated Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 12:23 pm
The new sushi counter at Asda in Handsworth
The new sushi counter at Asda in Handsworth

The new counter will be the franchise’s first store in Sheffield and its fifth in Yorkshire.

Aiming to provide a fresh alternative to grab-and-go convenience food, Sushi Daily offers an open kitchen experience where customers can watch artisans prepare their food with high-quality fresh ingredients.

A menu has been designed especially for Asda and customers can look out for ‘Asda Exclusive’ stickers on the products.The exclusive menu includes snacks, meals for one and larger products ideal for sharing. Favourites include a Teriyaki Chicken Classic Roll that starts at £2, a Tokyo Menu with cooked and raw fish sushi at £5.90, and the 20-piece Hachi Menu with four types of sushi at £10.90.

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The new counter will open just in time for the launch of Sushi Daily’s latest new product – an eastern take on a western classic – the sushi sandwich.

Replacing traditional bread with Sushi Daily’s sticky rice, the all-new Sushi-San is filled with western flavours and finished with a wrapping of black nori seaweed.

Alternatively, the Sando offers authentic zingy fillings between slices of Japanese shokupan bread. Prices for the Sushi-San and the Sando range between £4.15 and £5.75.

The counter will also offer fresh and handmade sushi, including nigiri, sashimi, maki and rolls. From sushi menus for one to sharing platters for a party, customers can also add hot food options, starters, sides and desserts to their shopping list, including popular Mochi desserts.

Ian Roberts, managing director of Sushi Daily said: “We offer an array of handmade options for customers looking for a freshly-prepared and convenient lunch or snack.

“With the increasing popularity of Japanese food across the UK, why not recreate that restaurant experience at home and treat yourself, safe in the knowledge that you’re also making a healthier choice than some of the go-to takeaway options?

“Customers can see their sushi being prepared while they shop and even order platters for family meals or special occasions as we look forward to celebrating together once more.”

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