Sheffield Plate: Here's what we made of the variety of dishes on offer at city's newest foodhall

With dishes inspired by cuisines from everywhere from the Balkans to Portugal to Sri-Lanka, there is a diverse selection of food on offer at Sheffield Plate.

By Sarah Marshall
Saturday, 23rd October 2021, 7:00 am

The city’s newest foodhall is based within the old Evans retail unit at Ochard Square, and boasts a total of six vendors as well as two bars.

This popular, contemporary style of dining presents consumers with the opportunity to treat themselves to a meal comprised of food originating from a number of different countries all in one go.

And that’s exactly what my dining companion and I set out to do when we visited Sheffield Plate on a moderately busy Tuesday night, ordering food from three of the six kitchens in operation at the venue.

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The Portuguese fries

As you enter, the vendors are located around the perimeter of the space, which is adorned with faux foliage and suspended, twinkling light bulbs, with tables located in the middle.

You’re free to choose a table, and you can either order food via a website you are directed to through a QR code, or you can go up to the counter to order.

During my culinary trip around the world I firstly visited Sri Lanka, by ordering street food from Colombo by Ayubowan, which has another premises on Ecclesall Road.

I selected a rich and flavoursome dish of a vegan kothtu, consisting of shredded godamba roti, which is a Sri-Lankan flat bread, and stir-fried with onions, garlic, carrots, cabbage, medium spices and curry leaves. It cost just £6.95, and was topped with shredded lettuce, spring onions and pomegranate seeds. It was delicious, aromatic and had just the right level of spice to give it a kick.

The hamburger de choco frito

My next stop was Portugal through Taverna Portuguese Street Food, from whom I ordered the francesinha vegetarina, which cost £9 or £10 with fries.

The dish is described a ‘classic Portuguese sandwich’ and came with topped with a thick layer of cheese, and contained grilled tofu, courgettes, grilled aubergines and mushrooms, accompanied by Porto’s favourite ‘secret sauce’ which was very tomatoey and tangy. I enjoyed the dish as a whole, but I feel it could have been easily improved by the use of a better quality cheese. The fries came topped with paprika and chives, and were enjoyable.

My dining companion also opted for a sumptuous Portuguese dish, costing £8, in the form of a choco fritto comprised of still-tender squid rings deep fried in a light crumb and served in a striking squid-ink brioche black bun, dressed with mayonnaise and wild rocket, presented with a fresh lemon wedge and crisp paprika-and-salt thin fries topped with a fresh herb mix.

My dining companion visited the Balkans next with Balkan Street Food from whom he ordered a generously sized ‘meat up combo. It came with golden French fries alongside a dressed salad and choice of sauces (he chose tzatziki), then one piece of mici (the south-east European favourite of minced meat kebab), really tender chicken strips, tender marinaded pork steak, a savoury-sweet seasoned chicken wing which was crisped on the outside, and a coarse smoky sausage, all on a bed of pita bread.

The set-up at Sheffield Plate

He really enjoyed this dish, which cost £12.50.

All in all, Sheffield Plate offers a decent food hall experience, with an eclectic food offering that is likely to satisfy most tastes.

Just some of the dishes on offer at Sheffield Plate
Francesinha vegetariana
The vegan kothtu
Sheffield Plate is the latest addition to Orchard Square
The Balkan meat up combo