German Doner Kebab: Restaurant offers 'best kebab I've had in Sheffield' - review

The new German Doner Kebab restaurant officially opened this week.

By Miriam Kuepper
Friday, 25th March 2022, 1:40 pm

And as a German with plenty of kebab eating experience, I can say that they actually serve the most authentic German kebab I’ve had in Sheffield.

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New German kebab restaurant to open in Sheffield in March

The restaurant’s interior is modern and features comfortable leather booths as well as upbeat songs humming through the speakers which make you feel like you are in a hip bar rather than a fast food place.

German Doner Kebab.

The menu offers something for everyone, from beef, chicken and pork to vegan meat inside their kebabs to spring rolls and fries; German Doner Kebab has it all.

You order at the till and get a pager to put on your table.

Once the food is a ready, a member of staff will bring everything to your table, which was quite nice compared to waiting at the till until the food is ready.

I went for the beef kebab and it came in a sesame-seed bread with red cabbage, tomatoes and lettuce with different sauces to put inside.

German Doner Kebab.

My favourite is the yogurt and herbs sauce, which is what I used to have on my kebabs in Germany every time.

The red cabbage in the kebab brings an interesting flavour to the kebab and my friend, who never had that combination before, was amazed.

The best about the kebab is undoubtedly the meat: it’s juicy, a bit spicy and incredibly tasty.

German Doner Kebab.

The kebab was true to the restaurant’s name and incorporated everything I love about German döner kebabs, since they aren’t as bland as many others I had in Sheffield before.

A dish that I struggled with were the chicken spring rolls.

The meat was again to be chosen out of chicken, beef, pork and vegan meat, but they also featured a surprising twist: pieces of jalapeno.

For me, the ingredients didn’t mix well with the fried rice paper they were wrapped in.

German Doner Kebab.

Usually, experimenting with different cuisines is something I really love, but this one wasn’t a success in my eyes, mainly due to the jalapenos which just seemed out of place.

I had normal fries with my menu, but nipped some of my friend’s flaming fries to try them too.

The fries were thick and crispy on the outside, but nice and soft on the inside – just perfect!

Another thing I really enjoyed was that the soft drinks all came in glass bottles.

For me, a coke just taste best in a glass bottle and additionally, it is nice to know that at least the drinks are served in a way that doesn’t put a strain on the environment.

With the restaurant being in the city centre close to many nightlife clubs and bars on West Street and Carver Street, it is the perfect destination for some food before or after a night out.

German Doner Kebab on High St. in Sheffield. Chicken Kebab. Picture Scott Merrylees

Overall, my friend and I really enjoyed our meal and we will definitely be back.

German Doner Kebab on High St. in Sheffield. Picture Scott Merrylees