German Doner Kebab: Hot gooey chilli cheese bites highly recommended - review

I hope you have a big appetite, because German Doner Kebab opens on Monday, March 21, and you’re going to want to try it.

The restaurant is located in the Grade II listed Telegraph House, a former Santander Bank which was built for the Sheffield Telegraph and The Star newspapers between 1913 and 1916.

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When I entered the restaurant, I was greeted by many friendly members of staff.

We tried the new German Doner Kebab restaurant.

They had a high-tech ordering system that I had not experienced before, where you are given a buzzer to place on a metal pad on the table you want to sit on. When your food is ready, the buzzer will vibrate and before you know it, your food will be delivered to your table.

I had the opportunity to try the Original German Doner Kebab, their chilli cheese bites, and their ‘Flaming Fries’, all of which would have come to a total of £11.47.

I first tucked into the Flaming Fries which were deliciously crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Those who enjoy spice will be thoroughly surprised, as these did pack a punch.

Next, was the big one. The Original German Doner Kebab. They offer either beef or chicken, or you can get a mixture of both. They also offer a vegetarian option. It contains your choice of doner meat (or meat alterative), fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and red cabbage. You also get a choice of three different sauces on the side; garlic,

Inside the new restaurant.

‘spicy’ and yoghurt. However, the spicy sauce is not recommended for vegetarians.

Upon first bite, you could taste the succulent, juicy meat paired with the crunch of the fresh vegetables. I would recommend adding the yoghurt dip to the kebab, as it gives it a layer of creamy coolness. You may struggle to finish this, as the portion size is generous.

The waffle-style handmade bread was soft and delicious, and contained various seeds including sesame. However, I was disappointed to hear that they did not offer a plain version. This means that those with allergies will not be able to try the original kebab.

The chilli cheese bites were scrumptious. When you bite into one, hot gooey cheese oozes out, and then you are hit with the sharpness of the chilli. Be wary, they are highly addictive.

We tried the new German Doner Kebab place.

Their beverages owned by Coca-Cola are served in the ‘iconic’ glass bottle, which is unusual for fast-food stores. Most diet drinks will cost £1.79 (however, this may differ for Original Coca-Cola due to the sugar tax), which is a good price in comparison to other restaurants. It is a double win, as the glass bottles can be easily recycled, and the beverage also keeps its characteristic flavour; as opposed to those served on-draught.

Overall, German Doner Kebab offers a gourmet experience, where you can appreciate a kebab in all its glory.

German Doner Kebab.
The new German Doner Kebab restaurant.