Take a look back at Sheffield's Kelvin Flats in this retro gallery

The ‘streets in the sky’ were built in 1967 and only lasted less than 30 years before they were pulled down in 1995.

Friday, 13th March 2020, 8:23 am
Updated Monday, 16th March 2020, 10:02 am
Sue Leeming dreams of moving out June 16, 1993
Sue Leeming dreams of moving out June 16, 1993

Th homes on Infirmary Road were meant to replace the back to back terrace houses that had been torn down in the 1960s in a bid to get rid of the slum living but the two 13-storey blocks containing 948 flats – which at the time were state of the art design – soon became a den for crime and anti social behaviour.

In the early 1990s Sheffield City Council called time on the flats once and for all and announced they would be demolished.

What are your memories of the flats?

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The demolition of Kelvin Flats

Take a look back at the flats in their heyday and then and as they fell into disrepair and were finally demolished in this retro gallery.

Kelvin Flats had a very unique design
Memories of Sheffield's Kelvin flats
The four walkways were known as streets in the sky
The flats shaped the skyline for almost 30 years
Marion Day played the last post to makr the end of the flats and the start of the demolititon on March 10, 1995
Kelvin Flats demolition