Sheffield retro: Fascinating photos show city life during major strikes, including winter of discontent

Schools have closed, trains have ground to a halt and healthcare has been disrupted as workers in Sheffield have joined national strikes this year.

Hundreds of thousands of workers across the country, including nurses, teachers and train drivers, have taken to picket lines in what have been described as the biggest mass walkouts since the winter of discontent in 1979.

But how do the widespread strikes we are experiencing now, fuelled in part at least by the soaring inflation which has created a cost-of-living crisis, compare with those we lived through in the past?

We’ve taken a look back through the archives to bring you these photos of industrial action from the 1980s, 1970s and earlier. This retro photo gallery includes haunting images of the Battle of Orgreave when police famously clashed with striking miners, and pictures showing the impact of walkouts over the decades by cleaners, bakers, bus drivers, steelworkers and firefighters.

Rubbish piling up at Castle Square, eerily deserted streets and shoppers queuing for bread are among the arresting scenes captured. All the photos are either taken from The Star’s archives or are shared courtesy of Picture Sheffield.