Sheffield retro: 33 nostalgic photos capturing Sheffield life in 1984, from lost pubs to famous lido

It was a memorable year for Sheffield, for good and bad.

1984 was when the miners strike began and the Battle of Orgreave broke out between police and striking miners in South Yorkshire.

It was also the year Threads, the haunting post-apocalyptic TV film shot in Sheffield, aired on BBC Two and gave schoolchildren across the city nightmares about a nuclear strike.

And in December 1984, Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen crashed on the A57 and lost his left arm.

Away from South Yorkshire, Torvill and Dean made ice skating history with their perfect score as they claimed Olympic gold, Spitting Image began skewering politicians, Prince Harry was born and the Band Aid charity single Do They Know It’s Christmas topped the charts.

This retro photo gallery captures life across Sheffield that year, including lost pubs, the fondly remembered lido at Millhouses Park and big moments for the Blades and the Owls.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana are pictured in the city, Threads is shown being filmed on Sheffield’s streets, firefighters are seen battling two major blazes and buskers are seen entertaining shoppers at the Hole in the Road.

Do these photos bring back any memories for you?