Sheffield Retro: 32 beautiful photos show how we lived in 1961, now in colour for first time

We have breathed new life into 32 black and white pictures of Sheffield in 1961, by adding colour

Sheffield saw its skyline transformed with the famous Park Hill flats, back in 1961.

It was also a year which saw Fred Trueman play cricket at Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane, and saw Sheffield Wednesday start to recover from by a coach crash the team suffered on Boxing Day the previous year.

The Star covered these at these at the time, sending out our photographers.

But the reports and pictures of those memorable events in The Star were in black and white – we would not print the paper with colour pictures for around another 30 years.

But the world around us was still as bright and colourful as it is today.

However, modern technology now allows us to transform some of those pictures into colour. We have used pictures showing people and places, including West Street, Fargate and The Moor.

We have used technology to transform them and breathe fresh life into them.

It means you can now see them close to how they would have looked at the time, in a era before Joe Cocker had rocked Woodstock.

We have put together 32 pictures in gallery, which means you can now see these pictures in a way you never could before.