13 beautiful photos show old Sheffield transformed into colour

Colour technology shows some of the oldest photos of Sheffield transformed into colour

Back in 1988, The Star looked back on Sheffield over the years.

We published a book, Sheffield since 1900, which looked back over the history in pictures, capturing the city as it was going right back to the start of the 20th century.

Those pictures were all in black and white.

But now we have used technology to transform 13 of those pictures into colour – meaning we can now look at those pictures in a way that hopefully brings them to life in a way that we were not able to do in 1988.

The pictures go right back to the early 1900s, and those we have selected look through the first three decades of that century.

We have colourised 13 pictures, and here is the chance to see Sheffield as it looked to those who were there at the time.

The process has worked better with some of the pictures than others, but hopefully brings a new perspective to history.

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