Sheffield’s first African-Caribbean Market to be held in honor of Black History Month

Sheffield’s first African-Carribbean market is being held next week as part of Black History Month.

Friday, 22nd October 2021, 12:23 pm

The event will take place from October 25 to October 30 on Fargate and the Moor to celebrate the month and encourage people to share and learn about Black history.

Reflecting the diverse culture of Sheffield, visitors will be able to enjoy a taste of the Caribbean by sharing experiences with food, clothing, songs, while bringing old and young people together as well as vast contrasting races of people in the city.

There will also be art, entertainment and exhibitions for everyone to visit and enjoy.

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In view of the event there will be over 30 stalls including authentic home-made African-Caribbean food, clothes, books, arts and crafts with entertainment performed by dancers and musicians – all of which will be staged live to add to the excitement the festival has already planned to shower the public with.

Along with the entertainment and refreshments, the Black history of the event will also be memorialized and a ‘human library’ will be held, shedding light on the history and experiences of those who were apart of the Windrush Generation from 1948 to 1970 where half a million people moved from the Caribbean to Britain.

The main attraction – the art exhibition in the Moor will be made by young black artists who want to convey the message of what mental health appears to be through their eyes and hopefully shine a spotlight on their work.

This event has been organised by ADIRA, a charity founded for the support of Black people suffering from mental illnesses and is situated in Burngreave.